The UAV can be used for several leading industries around the world to monitor and improve operations. A UAV can deliver effective results and benefits for several types of areas operational sites. In our region the following three leading industries can benefit the most from the use of a UAV.



The Mining activity involves moving earth and profitability, which often depends on the ability of the operational team to optimize this task while reducing costs to a minimum. In order to do that, a prerequisite is to accurately determine the volume of ground to be moved.
UAVs are a fast and cost effective way of undertaking topographical surveys. They reduce human intervention on site, allow operations to continue during surveys, and yield engineering-grade measurements. 
For monitoring mines, volumes of stock piles and detecting anomalies, DELAIR offers a complete range of specific products such as orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSM) accurate to within one centimeter, contour lines and stock pile identification with corresponding volumes calculated.


Agriculture & Forestry

Each crop season is different to the previous one. All players in the agriculture sector are looking for reliable solutions for efficiently observing and characterizing crops so that they can make the right decisions based on the actual situations of fields and crops. At DELAIR, we are convinced that prompt real-time delivery of reliable data on plant health status is essential for meeting these challenges.
DELAIR has already convinced key players from the agro and forestry industries and is working on major R&D projects such as ‘Precidrone’ with agricultural distributors, academic research institutes and technical institutes. 
The right decision requires the best processed data: we handle the full value chain, from drone acquisition with the most sophisticated sensors available to data analysis tailored to your needs – and our drones are capable of covering thousands of hectares in one flight. 


Mapping drones are revolutionizing the way land surveyors and construction professionals use aerial technology, enabling huge time and money savings over traditional methods. UAVs let GIS professionals acquire, process and deliver land surveying data in a timely, accurate and safe way. DELAIR drone and data solutions automatically generate advanced analytics such as orthomosaics, map creation, digital surface models (DSMs), 3D point clouds and more. Drone data can instantly be used for taking measurements, volume or stock pile calculations, emergency damage mapping. Our unmanned aerial drones execute any data collection even in the high altitude spots or corridor mapping.


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